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Mon Jun 29 02:24:59 UTC 2009
John Greiman <greimanj at yahoo.com>

My wiki userid is:  JohnGreiman.

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John Greiman wrote:
> The current wiki says that you need to install the dkms and dkms-fuse 
> packages, but it is missing key instructions:? 1) how-to fix the yum older 
> kernel version dependency issue and 2) how-to configure, make, and install 
> the fuse kernel module.
> The reason for all this is that I have a CentOS 5.3 LiveCD that cannot 
> connect to the internet via a public?WIFI hotspot (missing iwl3945 ucode) 
> and cannot mount a NTFS filesystem.? All of the necessary files (wget 
> URL's), scripts, and instructions have been tested and are ready to be 
> posted.

So more of a tipps and tricks article. Good. What is your userid on the wiki?



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