[CentOS-docs] New template for Homepage

Fri Jun 5 15:31:33 UTC 2009
Ed Heron <Ed at Heron-ent.com>

From: "Dag Wieers", Thursday, June 04, 2009 7:08 PM

> Hey,
> I reworked the HomepageTemplate since the original one was pretty empty.
> You can find my proposal here:
>  http://wiki.centos.org/HomepageTemplate
> But to see how it looks properly, I adapted my Homepage to look like it:
>  http://wiki.centos.org/DagWieers
> I'd like to open a discussion about what items belong on this page and how
> we can improve it.
> ...
> So what do people think ? What is missing ?
> ...

  A more fleshed out template certainly does a better job of guiding new 
personal page developement and providing examples.

  I think I see that the new template encourages a specific ordering of 
sections that focuses on the person's relationship to the project.  Meaning 
you've put the relationship before the person's biography.  I agree.

  I suggest that 'List of Achievements' might sound better as