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Thu Mar 26 09:43:11 UTC 2009
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I'm Dave, and I am run a small company in the UK called Contemporary
Fusion.  Basically I contract out Systems Adminstration to small companies
who can not afford a full times systems person - and CentOS is my prefered
Server distro (Being RHCE certified I am more comfortable in an RPM

I am wanting to help spread the word of CentOS, but also help within the
existing CentOS community.  One idea I had, which I discussed with Karan
briefly on Twitter a few weeks ago was building a number of iGoogle gadgets
for various RSS feeds on centos.org (EG planet.centos.org and the main
category forums) but I wish to appeal to the wider community for other
CentOS related RSS feeds we could look at gadgetising.  I am not necessarily
meaning someone who has a few centos articles on their blog - but I am
meaning for instance an RSS feed for the anouncements lists etc.

Does anyone have any ideas?  I would also like to ask Karan or one of the
Wiki admin team to create a wiki page for me to allow us to put up ideas for
RSS feeds.  Once we have a definitive list I will start making the gadgets
and also look into creating a CentOS tab prefilled with the gadgets.

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