[CentOS-docs] Link to Chinese translation in Wiki frontpage

Fri May 8 01:36:29 UTC 2009
Timothy Lee <timothy.ty.lee at gmail.com>

JohnS wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 13:43 +0200, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>>>> Umm? We already have that :)
>>>> Try <http://wiki.centos.org/zh/HowTos> for example.
>>> ok, my bad! I thought that wasent in place as yet, but... you loose 
>>> language namespace. All the urls from that HowTo page are now only 
>>> pointing to the English versions so you have effectively 'left' the /zh/ 
>>> space completely.
>> Yes, that is a problem. I still have no idea how to really get it
>> multilingual so that it chooses the correct namespace from the browser
>> settings - I didn't find any solutions last time I had it.
> ---
> See This:http://moinmo.in/HelpOnLanguages
> Everything you need is there to know. What I am dieing to know for sure
> is, is it really a need to translate pages? As in Physicaly? I say that
> because if I remember correct when I was testing Moin was that it did
> that on the fly when the language was detected in the browser. But there
> are other ways to set it up also like let the user pick the language.
How about the panel code in:  
This allows translated pages to show up automatically on the bottom 
right of the panel.  See their sample site, which could be switched 
between [fr] and [en]:  http://rocococamp.info/FrontPage

Timothy Lee