[CentOS-docs] Link to Chinese translation in Wiki frontpage

Fri May 8 14:33:45 UTC 2009
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Timothy Lee wrote:
>> What about it ? Does it address the issue on hand ? or does it propose a 
>> different way of doing things completely, thereby eliminating the issue ?
> Yes, the code on that web page could be a solution to the issue on 
> hand.  According to its description, the code calculates and searches 
> URLs that may contain translations for requested page, and lists any 
> translation that do exist.

Ralph and I were talking about this, and something of this nature would 
be good to have anyway, even if it does not address the issue we have at 
hand right now. It would be good to offer people a choice / change to 
get into language namespace from anywhere on the wiki! specially when 
they come in via external url's or search engine hits.

> I'm afraid I have never played with a MoinMoin server before, so I can't 
> say out right which part of the code could be removed.  I am willing to 
> help cook up a working script, but I would need to setup a dummy 
> installation first.

That should not be a major issue, we have a couple of VM's that can be 
thrown together for this sort of a thing. If you want to go ahead and 
send me your ssh key, I can get the vm setup and get you access on there.

- KB