[CentOS-docs] New Wiki Page

Sat May 9 19:54:21 UTC 2009
David Dreggors <ddreggors at cfl.rr.com>

> I repeat---the normal MadWifi does NOT work with the AR5007, aka AR242x
> card.  There was some discussion somewhere--you can try MadWifi ticket
> 1192, I think that's the one--I believe the ticket is mentioned in the
> wiki article.  

I know that, I was clarifying that I use the latest snapshot of madwifi 
which is working amazingly well. The wiki page that you speak of is 
where I got the info to compile and install the latest madwifi snapshot. 
The ticket you mention takes me to a 404 not found.

Point is that I understand all this quite well.

> At least one of the other distros, Fedora, had a 3rd party rpm--I've
> forgotten if it was Livna or rpmfusion, that did include a MadWifi rpm
> that did work with the card.  However, a standard MadWifi rpm, that is,
> one based on whatever they were shipping, wouldn't have worked with that
> card. 

Now that 3rd party RPM would be nice to have. Despite being 3rd party 
and not of the base repo. It is better than compiling someone that is 
not a code hacker :)

> It's not widely mentioned yet.  There is an elrepo repo---they ought to
> fix that name <ducks>, as elrepo.repo seems awkward, but at any
> rate...it's mentioned on the wiki in the 3rd party repos section.  It's
> relatively new, and this driver was just made last week or so, (the
> makers can correct me on that, as I'm too lazy to look at the emails
> from them)  :), so it's not too surprising that you hadn't heard of it. 
> As I mentioned, *I've* had some minor issues with it, but I think Dag
> and someone else have used it without problems.  

That sounds promising, as I said I will try it next time I re-install. 
If I do re-install 5.3. Hoping not to have to until a later version :)

> Sigh, someone should put mention of how to try it on the AR5007 wiki
> page.  Basically, in a nutshell, unload the ath_pci module, then 
> you cd into the MadWifi snapshot untarred directory, which you have
> hopefully kept.  Type make uninstall, unblacklist ath5k in
> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, and reboot.  
> At this point, the card, which had been ath0 will now be seen as wlan0.

Assuming you are referring to the kmod_ath5k here as the stock ath5k 
does not work with my card.

I would definiately update the wiki if or when I try the kmod_ath5k 
driver. I just have had no experience using it and I am stable now. I am 
not going to a possibly unstable state for testing purposes at the 
moment as I need my laptop for work.