[CentOS-docs] New Wiki Page

Sat May 9 21:03:24 UTC 2009
Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com>

On Sat, May 09, 2009 at 03:54:21PM -0400, David Dreggors wrote:
> I know that, I was clarifying that I use the latest snapshot of madwifi 
> which is working amazingly well. The wiki page that you speak of is 
> where I got the info to compile and install the latest madwifi snapshot. 
> The ticket you mention takes me to a 404 not found.

Hrrm, I could have sworn that I fixed that link. For some reason, they
moved from madwifi.org to madwifi-project.org.  Ah, I see, I fixed the
link to the snapshots but overlooked the one to the ticket.  It's now
fixed, and many thanks for calling that to my attention.

> Assuming you are referring to the kmod_ath5k here as the stock ath5k 
> does not work with my card.

No, I'm referring to the elrepo-testing version.  As mentioned by both
of us, the stock one doesn't work with the card. 

> I would definiately update the wiki if or when I try the kmod_ath5k 
> driver. I just have had no experience using it and I am stable now. I am 
> not going to a possibly unstable state for testing purposes at the 
> moment as I need my laptop for work.

I really should, but for one thing, Dag and others are having different
experiences with the card and the MadWifi version, as it stands at
present, works, whereas the elrepo version does, at least for me (but
not Dag and others, AFAIK), cause problems on shutdown (or stopping the
wpa_supplicant service.)  

Thanks for all your input, and of course, it's nice to hear that wiki
article helped someone. 

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