[CentOS-docs] Possible typo in "HowTos/Disk_Optimization"

Fri May 29 14:09:41 UTC 2009
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

Alan Bartlett wrote:
> Pedantically and ignoring the RAID aspect, just looking at the
> equations scientifically, I would say that only the first one is wrong
> as (64K / 4K) = 16, not 16K. It should be expressed as (64 / 4)K =
> 16K.
> The other two lines do read correctly but, in the spirit of
> conformity, I would suggest (3 * 16)K = 48K and (16 + 16)K = 32K,
> respectively.
> Perhaps the original author would care to comment and adjust where necessary?
> Alan.

Direct link is http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Disk_Optimization to save 
others from hunting through the top HowTos page.

My pedantic sensibilities would render the equations as:

(64K / 4K) = 16
(3 * 16) = 48

The first would be consistent with the usage in item 9 in


and "man mke2fs":

       Configure the filesystem for a RAID array with stripe-size
       filesystem blocks per stripe.

but the above points up another error on the Wiki page.  There is no "-E 
stripe-width" parameter to mkfs.ext3/mke2fs.  I'd naively think it 
should be "-E stride=48", but the conclusion is still that the original 
author needs to respond, or failing that somebody else needs to fix the