[CentOS-docs] Comments on draft TipsAndTricks/InstallWebminRepo page

Sat May 30 07:14:57 UTC 2009
David Dreggors <ddreggors at cfl.rr.com>

JohnS wrote:
>> John, you have to be root to run the rpm command to install any package 
>> so this seems to be an invalid point anyway.
> I know you have to be root to run it. How is it invalid? It is no way
> invalid if there was a webmin-release rpm. It is to me a shorter way of
> doing it if there was a release package for the repository. That's in my
> opinion.

As I said "seems" to be invalid, my point was more that if you are 
saying that the command is not good because:

"a regular user can't copy and paste the above code and execute it 
unless they become root"

Then it "seems" an invalid point as you also have to be root to run the 
rpm install.

On the other hand, if I have read this wrong and what you are saying is 
the he needs to advise one to "become root" before running, then look 
above that command on the wiki page because he *does* state that point.

Again, "seems" invalid as a regular user must also become root to 
install the rpm.

If I have mis-read this then I am sorry but from what I am reading these 
are the possible points I take from the statement.

I do not mean to offend, I just still do not see the validity in that