[CentOS-docs] Comments on draft TipsAndTricks/InstallWebminRepo page

Sat May 30 09:12:34 UTC 2009
JohnS <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Sat, 2009-05-30 at 03:14 -0400, David Dreggors wrote:
> JohnS wrote:
> >> John, you have to be root to run the rpm command to install any package 
> >> so this seems to be an invalid point anyway.
> > 
> > I know you have to be root to run it. How is it invalid? It is no way
> > invalid if there was a webmin-release rpm. It is to me a shorter way of
> > doing it if there was a release package for the repository. That's in my
> > opinion.
> As I said "seems" to be invalid, my point was more that if you are 
> saying that the command is not good because:
Ahh, I think you misunderstood what I meant. No, I did not mean the
command was no good. If it would not have worked believe me you would
known from me it didn't. Sorry you got all confused...