[CentOS-docs] Contributing to the Wiki for Mactel and desktop

Sun Nov 1 21:35:37 UTC 2009
Mathieu Baudier <mbaudier at argeo.org>


I just registered to the wiki under the login: MathieuBaudier

I'm currently testing a lot CentOS (see below: To introduce myself
quickly) and although I target server deployments, I have also spent
some time configuring desktops.
I went through some of the pain and I would have been happy to share
it with other through the wiki.

- I configured a fairly recent MacBook Pro with CentOS v5.4 x86_64 and
thought that I may update the page
http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Mactel or add a new page for MacBook Pro
under the Mac section of the HowTos
- I also configured successfully Adobe Flash 64bit and Skype (not very
difficult: just download and it works, but still it could be good to
show that these works, since they often block the acceptation of
- I built the open source first person shooter game AssaultCube and it
works pretty well (better than on Fedora on the same machine), and I
took notes on the dependencies. Not very "enterprise", but still... :)

Please let me know if and where I can help.

To introduce myself quickly:
- Java developer / entrepreneur
- I maintain two Fedora development servers for three years
- my day to day desktop environment is Fedora for about two years
- I deploy and support simple CentOS (virtualized) servers by some of
my customers for about one year
- I am now upgrading my server infrastructure and plan to switch to
CentOS. I am now intensively testing it, esp. the virtualization
features. I also tested it as a desktop development environment and I
am very happy with it (so I'll probably switch to it soon)
- I play with / use Red Hat Linux under its different forms since 1998