[CentOS-docs] Contributing Wiki article on tmpfs

Wed Nov 4 21:19:46 UTC 2009
Jasper Siepkes <jasper at siepkes.nl>


First of all sorry for the long delay and thanks for the constructive

I've made some additions to the Wiki article
( http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/TmpOnTmpfs ):

-Added the 'Practical details' section to explain how tmpfs, swap and
memory relate. 
-Added a 'Pitfalls' section to warn people of an (IMHO) somewhat
misguided piece of advice in the official documentation and maybe some
other pitfalls when I think of them.

About ramdisks; I will add something later about how tmpfs relates to
other ramdisk implementations like cramfs and squashfs. But I haven't
done much with the former two so I will need to research those a bit
before I can write something down.

I'm not the best writer on this continent (Shakespeare beat me by half a
point, but I suspect foul play ;-) but I think I've made some steps in
the right direction with the article. Please let me know what you think
and where I should make some additional improvements.



On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 14:38 -0400, Brian Mathis wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 1:46 PM, Jasper Siepkes <jasper at siepkes.nl> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've made a first attempt at writing the tmpfs CentOS Tips and tricks item
> > and I'm looking for some feedback. Does it need more (or less) background
> > info ? Or more (or less) substance perhaps ?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Jasper
> >
> I'd like to see more info on things like:
> - What is the relationship with swap?
> - How/when does swap get used instead of RAM?
> - How do I determine the size of RAM to use?
> - What impact does using 100% of RAM have on the active memory in the system?
> - What happens if all system RAM is full, and tmpfs is also full?
> I think your doc is a good start, but as of now it's got the same info
> as all the other tmpfs docs out there, and they don't go into much
> detail about the real impact on a system when using tmpfs.
> Tmpfs is billed as a more sophisticated ramdisk, so docs addressing it
> should go into the details of what makes it better.  A simple ramdisk
> just allocates a chunk of RAM, so why is tmpfs better?
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