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Mon Nov 30 20:06:41 UTC 2009
Kevin Lord <lordkev at gmail.com>

Rackspace is not a typical leecher commercial vendor feeding off the CentOS
pool.  At least in the Managed Linux hosting segment it's 99% RHEL with
other OS's installed as a one-off.

Slicehost and Rackspace Cloud do offer CentOS as an option among others
distros, but labeling Rackspace as a company that feeds off of the Cent OS
pool is misinformed at best.

Full disclosure: I do work at Rackspace as a Linux Admin, but am not
speaking on behalf of the company in any way.  My views are my own.

Kevin Lord

> On 11/25/2009 11:45 PM, John R. Dennison wrote:
> >>* With a big fat warning sign? Have you already tested things in there?*>* 	*>* 	There are a number of #centos regulars that are using the*>* 	IUS packages and I've yet to hear of any complaints with*>* 	them.*
> Thats just noise. There are a lot of people who do source builds as
> well, and we strongly discourage people from using that process.
> My question is - why did they not consider actually doing this with the
> project or even talking to anyone within the communities.
> Rackspace are the typical leecher commercial vendors feeding off the
> CentOS pool, with little or not desire to even consider contributing any
> level of effort or time back into the project. To me, thats a big deal.
> I'm voting for not listing them on the wiki. Also, what is it that the
> IUS repo does that isnt available on the other regular
> non-commercially-backed repositories ?
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