[CentOS-docs] Contribution to wiki: nagios incompatibility with centos 5.2

Max Hetrick

maxhetrick at verizon.net
Wed Sep 16 18:13:07 UTC 2009

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> How about splitting it up into 'Install Guide' and a 'Recommended first 
> steps'.
> Having used Nagios ( or does Nagios use us ? ) I know there are a 
> million different ways to set things up. And only a few people really 
> need to get down and understand eveyrthing about every option. so how 
> about just creating a 'recommended start point' and have a few config 
> snippets.
> That would then open up for a third page option, which can be focused 
> around 'best practises' that might be CentOS specific.

I think Nagios uses us. Agreed. I've been using Nagios for a long time, 
and I still don't have all the options down, as I don't need to use them 
all. When I need something, I go to the docs and look up more specific 

In my experience with working with Nagios, the problem that always came 
up was that people didn't know where to even start because there were 
too many options, and they were overwhelmed.

Thus the reason I wrote the guide in the first place, to serve as a 
stepping stone to get it up and running with some basic checks, then go 
digging in the docs.

I feel it's important to have that information on the wiki, even though 
it's not CentOS specific. It's asked for a lot and used. Splitting it up 
would make sense.

+1 Sounds good to me.


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