[CentOS-docs] Contribution to wiki: nagios incompatibility with centos 5.2

Karanbir Singh

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Thu Sep 17 16:33:15 UTC 2009

On 09/16/2009 07:13 PM, Max Hetrick wrote:
> In my experience with working with Nagios, the problem that always came
> up was that people didn't know where to even start because there were
> too many options, and they were overwhelmed.

I totally agree. Having enough content in one place so that someone can 
pickup with things, get it installed and also be able to work through 
enough things to be productive is good. Too many places fall flat on 
their face when its a case of look here to install, look there to 
workout whats going on and look somewhere else for the final grained 
stuff. Once you know enough about an app or technology its easier to 
find specific problems(!) or specific solutions(!).

> I feel it's important to have that information on the wiki, even though
> it's not CentOS specific. It's asked for a lot and used. Splitting it up
> would make sense.

Right, the thread here seemed to be heading down the path of 'too much 
stuff' - whereas I think its more of a case of organising things.

The other thing, and I feel not enough people keep this in mind, is that 
with the EL / CentOS platform its important to keep content and app 
sanity in mind. Upstream's dont like that - samba being a classic case. 
On the flip side you have pgsql where the upstream is very pro single 
'silo' based docs, code and apps.

In many cases, the content we put together needs to be there and stay 
there in a way that its still relevant to the apps that are in the 
distro - whereas upstreams will, like samba, mostly just move their 
content up with trunk changes in code. That works for many people and in 
many scenarios, not always.

So keep that in mind guys. Its not a bad thing to have enough content in 
place that its still in some stable format. And every contributor would 
need to consider that in the context of the app itself. But in many 
cases, you will realise that its worth putting together enough things 
that are relevant to the code we handle, and only to he code we handle. 
URL's and 'futher reading' sections are easy to plumb into the end of 
most articles too.

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