[CentOS-docs] Please add links for HowTo article

Thu Apr 15 16:05:51 UTC 2010
Cris Rhea <crhea at mayo.edu>

> > 2. Now that I've written /HowTos/Xen/NvidiaWithXen, how does one
> >   get it added to the table of contents/indexes? From wiki.centos.org,
> Basically say "I'm done". I'll add it then. To answer your other mail:
> With more contributions, normally elevation to the "EditGroup"
> happens. Those still cannot change ACLs, but can edit across the wiki.
> I'd like to see some text first, before doing so, though.
> If anybody else reading this thinks I forgot them and should put them
> into EditGroup: Nudge me :)
> Cheers,
> Ralph

I'm done. Please add the links to the TOC and indexes.


--- Cris

> -- but the delays I see are from people with NonCamel userids 
> (contrary to our published sugestions on setting such up), or 
> clerical errors readily fixed.  I've long since given up on 
> thinking people read instructions or google out answers as to 
> CentOS matters
> cheers,
> -- Russ herrold

Russ, I'm sorry that I overlooked the suggestion about using
camel-case for my ID and that it is a waste of the admin's time to fix.
However, I do find it ironic that you've given up hope that anybody 
reads anything, yet here you are on a documentation wiki for CentOS. :)

--- Cris (or CrisRhea for you Wiki folks)