[CentOS-docs] TipsAndTricks/ApacheVhostDir re-org

Mon Jan 18 19:47:48 UTC 2010
Ed Heron <Ed at Heron-ent.com>

  After much ruminating about Russ's suggestions, including his addition of 
a second example vhost conf file, I've made some additional changes.

  I've added a single level contents section to give readers an idea of 
what's in the document, since it is getting a little large for a Tips 
  I've integrated the 2 example sections.
  I've placed the vhost.d/ section last because it is rather large and 
breaks the flow for people using the existing conf.d/.
  The vhost.d/ section included a subsection on toggling whether a virtual 
host was active.  I've broken this out to it's own section, since it is 
applicable to the conf.d/ method.

  Hopefully, this will make the document easier to read for those that don't 
have any interest in the optional alternatives or reading it entirely.

  It occurs to me that I could separate the vhost.d/ and virtual disabling 
sections into separate Tips articles.  Please let me know if this is 

Ed Heron