[CentOS-docs] Closing loop: How-to for NVIDIA driver on Xen Dom0

Mon Mar 1 17:28:53 UTC 2010
Cris Rhea <crhea at rentaclue.com>

I had a couple comments on my proposal to write a how-to
on NVIDIA on Xen Dom0:

  I would rather prefer if you could take care of the current Xen
  articles on the wiki, first. They are quite outdated.

I don't consider myself an expert on all things Xen. In reviewing the
material on the CentOS Wiki regarding Xen, I felt the articles were
pretty well done (even if they were written for an older version of


   Is there a solution by now which is stable and does not 
   spontaneously reboot your machine when you least expect it?

   Would that be more of a Tips and Tricks article? Or a longer HowTo?

While I've certainly had some flakey hardware cause issues, I run my
work desktop and some key servers with the NVIDIA drivers and rarely
see a problem (once you get everything installed and happy).

I was thinking my article would be a "HowTo", only because it was
a cookbook for "how to" get this configuration running. If the Wiki
moderators feel it belongs in T&T, based on length, I'm OK with that.

>From Marcus' comment, there doesn't seem to be much interest in 
this (narrowly focused) topic.  

Cris Rhea