[CentOS-docs] FAQ/General/RebuildReleaseProcess

Fri May 21 16:12:50 UTC 2010
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 05/21/2010 04:46 PM, Alan Bartlett wrote:
> So, assuming you have overruled both Johnny and Russ, will you please
> make "the one being used in CentOS" known to the rest of the world.

Think about it for a second, you don't feel that process's are changable 
? Would you like to point me to where it says that what we were doing at 
one stage will never ever change ? I havent overruled anyone there, just 
pointed out that content on there no longer reflects the process - 
however, the gist of the article is still correct.

> I trust your wording above, and hence the implicit message, was an
> error. I was lead to believe, after the Lance Davis affair of last
> summer, that there would be no more secrecy or any unilateral
> decisions made by one person.

Given that you are not a part of the team that handles buildsystem 
issues, what made you think that any of these process's were down to 
only one person ?

- KB