[CentOS-docs] Re : Wiki: Howtos/Virtualization/HyperV

Sat Apr 2 13:15:59 UTC 2011
Milos Blazevic <milos.blazevic at sbb.rs>

Hello Ozy,

having used Hyper-V for about two years, ever since it was 'published' 
in it's pre-release version immediately after release of Windows 2008 
Server, I'm very glad you found the time to write a Wiki article on the 
issue. I remember the time drifts in particular, and wasting two whole 
days troubleshooting the problem until I finally got it resolved - and 
at that time, LIC was not even at version 2.

However, I'm not here to chit-chat about my experiences with Hyper-V and 
CentOS, but to point out another issue (more of a pain in the butt) with 
this software setup, and that is - the rebuilding of the kernel modules 
every time you reinstall the kernel - something very recommended with EL 
distro such as CentOS. And, in this respect I'd like to add my 
'contribution' by pointing you to the article addressing this: 

Yes, venturing to that domain does kinda make one a pilgrim in an unholy 
land,... But regardless, Hyper-V environment is no longer available to 
me - and hasn't been for the past 6 months or so, hence, I'm unable to 
test this for myself... but it's still one of the battles I don't 
consider won (by getting to the bottom of it) - and I think at least I 
got even.

Having said that, I would really appreciate if you could review the 
article, got back to me with your findings, and if the content from this 
source could find it's way into this fine Wiki article of yours :)

Kind regards,
***Milos Blazevic*
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