[CentOS-docs] Some questions: Release Notes CentOS 5.6

Thu Apr 14 00:31:11 UTC 2011
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 04/14/2011 03:10 AM, Hardy Beltran Monasterios wrote:
> Hello
> A couple of days ago, I did the Spanish translation for ReleaseNotes 
> CentOS 5.6
> and I have some questions
> Right now, in the Spanish version we are using nice icons for "Notes".
> Would you like the same in the English and other translated versions ?
> (I know that is not important, just looks nice ;-) )
As long as we are consistent in the wiki and we do not make it look as 
colored as a parrot, I like this idea.

> On many places we mention packages names or file names. I suggest
> use {{{typewriter}} style for this, to better reading/understand.
My wiki-foo is weak. Can you provide more details please, so that I do 
not go hunting for documentation ?

> Some time ago, we talk about some common parts in all the translated 
> versions.
> And we started to use marks "#begin-.... #end-...". Right now, we 
> don't have
> this marks for the "Translations" subtitle in the original version. We 
> should use
> I think.
You cannot do that because the "translations" section must include [*]  
the language names expressed in the language of the translation. For 
instance in the Romanian release notes I would use
      * [:Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS5.6/Spanish:Spaniola] (Español) - 
[:HardyBeltran:Hardy Beltran]
while in the Spanish version you should use
      * [:Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS5.6/Romanian:Rumano] (Romana) - 
[:HardyBeltran:Hardy Beltran]

[*] Unless we decide to not do that

> By the way, I need help to use '<Include> macro', all my tries were 
> unsuccessful
Get inspiration from the Romanian and French translations. I am lazy so 
in step 1 I bookmarked the lists of packages for the English version and 
in step 2 I included the lists as such ( using bookmarks ) in those two 
translations. You can simply copy/paste the relevant lines.

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