[CentOS-docs] Proposed change to FAQ/CentOS6 add netinstall info

Mon Aug 22 00:13:51 UTC 2011
Alishams Hassam <alishams.hassam at gmail.com>

I'm a newb CentOS user and was struggling to find the netinstall info. An
external site pointed me to the correct URL to enter, but it was difficult
to find on the CentOS site. I manged to find centos 5 specific info that did
the job (on the centos5 page ofcourse). The change I would like to add is

What is the "URL" when I try to do a network install?

If you desire to do a remote HTTP or FTP install from the Internet using the
LiveCD or the netinstall.iso, you can pick a mirror that is close to you
from these public mirrors:


You can then find the path on that mirror to the "6/os/<arch>/" directory
and use the paths for install where <arch> is the desired architecture (i386
or x86_64 for example). If you want to choose the mirror provided by "Linux
Kernel Archives", in the above page click on the HTTP link for that mirror,
then click 6 -> i386 -> os ... the full path for this mirror would be:


In the URL installation, use these paths based on the above mirror:

Server: http://mirrors.kernel.org/centos/6/os/i386

Other install locations are available by selecting a mirror close to you.
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