[CentOS-docs] New Article: Centos 6 Postfix with GMail

Sun Aug 28 05:59:25 UTC 2011
Adrian Hall <photoadrian at gmail.com>

I've just gone through complete agony bashing my head against the wall with
configuring Postfix and Centos to relay out through gmail.  Gmail has kindly
(!?!?!?!) put two-factor authentication in place, which means a few tweaks
along the way - specifically, the addition on a "single-use" password purely
for relaying and the addition of a "yum -y install cyrus-sasl-plain"

I'll be happy for someone else to update the main postfix / centos pages,
but I think having an article that goes through - soup to nuts style - how
to install Postfix + Inbound TLS + SASL Authentication + Outbound GMAIL (+
Anti-spam/Anti-virus when I get to it) as a series of steps would be a good

I can write a draft (in fact I am anyway for my own edification) if you wish
to see that before commiting to a page.
Adrian Hall (Personal Account)
photoadrian at gmail.com
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