[CentOS-docs] HowTos/JavaOnCentOS Wiki page revision?

Sun Jan 16 14:15:55 UTC 2011
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 01/16/2011 04:03 PM, Phil Schaffner wrote:
> Ralph Angenendt wrote on 01/15/2011 03:39 PM:
> ...
>> To me the article looks good, if you can incorporate it into the current
>> wiki article (and not just replace that).
> I beg to differ.  The current Wiki article contains a lot of confusing
> and obsolete information, and in trying to cover a multitude of Java
> versions and different approaches for CentOS 4 and 5, fails to do any of
> it well.  Modifying it to merge in still more approaches such as the two
> currently under discussion in this thread, and soon CentOS 6, will add
> additional confusion.
> I would propose instead that a new "cover page" replace the current
> page.  It should comprise an introduction to Java on CentOS; briefly
> discuss JRE, JDK, alternatives, and browser plugins; and provide links
> to sub-pages; one of which may be the current page and/or multiple
> sub-pages derived from it.  Each subpage of JavaOnCentOS should be a
> concise method to install a particular Java flavor on a specific CentOS
> version, and should include its own detailed procedure on alternatives
> and plugins if appropriate.

>   Obsolete pages and information could either
> be pruned or preserved in a "Historical" section.
neah. the old page should be either updated or deleted/replaced. it's 
close to useless as it is now.

>   The two new
> submissions should each get their own sub-page.  A section at the end,
> perhaps "Other Voices", could point to recommended external pages, such
> as parts of the Jpackage site, or other HowTos.
> If this approach is accepted I would be glad to help draft the cover
> page, and to help with polishing sub-pages; having over the years dealt
> with JDK via Sun(Oracle) RPMs, building JDK via the Jpackage approach,
> and simple JRE/plugin installations.
Your idea looks fine to me. The existing page is so obsolete that I 
never pointed anyone to it during the last year... I always suggested 
"download Sun's rpm, install, go live your life"