[CentOS-docs] HowTos/JavaOnCentOS Wiki page revision?

Mon Jan 17 08:31:19 UTC 2011
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 01/16/2011 06:26 PM, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Am 16.01.11 15:15, schrieb Manuel Wolfshant:
>> On 01/16/2011 04:03 PM, Phil Schaffner wrote:
>>> If this approach is accepted I would be glad to help draft the cover
>>> page, and to help with polishing sub-pages; having over the years dealt
>>> with JDK via Sun(Oracle) RPMs, building JDK via the Jpackage approach,
>>> and simple JRE/plugin installations.
>> Your idea looks fine to me. The existing page is so obsolete that I
>> never pointed anyone to it during the last year... I always suggested
>> "download Sun's rpm, install, go live your life"
> I'm fine with that. Java is completely over my horizon, regarding usage.
> If it doesn't run with openjdk, I normally don't run it, neither on
> servers nor on desktops.
> So that probably leaves two instructions (well, three) for that page:
> a) Use openjdk (if on 5, 6)
> b) Use SUN JDK/JRE if the above does not work for you, here's how to do
>     it.
> c) Use jpackage nosrc.rpms if you insist on compliance to FHS
> For b) and c) stress that people *must* care about updates for themselves.
> Bonus points: Here's how to use Java in your browser. Especially stress
> the update issue here.
> Do I see that correctly?
Absolutely right.
Bonus points for emphasizing that the rpms derived from the .nosrc.rpm 
MUST be recreated at each update. Which is what finally made me give up 
using this approach. IIRC I wanted to automate the process , but with 
each [minor] release there were small diffs which invited to manual 
intervention, hence making the automated build impossible.