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Wed May 18 23:04:09 UTC 2011
Mike Karasoff <mkarasoff at rgb.com>

Not everything works "by default".  For instance, JTAG programmers for the FPGA tools.  I've had to set up some undocumented paths for SOPC and Nios development.  And there are some performance hacks that can speed builds.

I apologize for bothering the mailing list admins if the Centos Wiki isn't the appropriate place for this.

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On 05/19/2011 01:02 AM, Mike Karasoff wrote:

I would like to contribute to the Wiki.  [...] would also like to add information and tips on setting up CentOS machines for FPGA (Quartus/ISE/Modelsim) development.

Would you mind sharing what you have in mind, as I am a bit confused on one hand and extremely interested on the other hand ? We make heavy use of  Modelsim | Questa / Specman / VCS and all the "centos setup" is more or less similar to

MGC_HOME=/apps/questasim/linux/mgls;export MGC_HOME
export PATH=${PATH}:/apps/questasim/linux
export MGLS_LICENSE_FILE=1704 at ls4

In other words, nothing Centos specific, everything works "by default".
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