[CentOS-docs] Translation of centos-art.sh script

Sat Sep 8 14:19:49 UTC 2012
Alain Reguera Delgado <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

On 09/07/2012 09:25 PM, Akemi Yagi wrote:

> I ran 'centos-art.sh prepare' but it kept going and I finally gave up
> after 10 hrs or so and had to kill it.

Kept going in which way, please? It should take no longer than 30 
minutes in the worst of cases. Could you provide some output, error, 
anything else that could help me to determine in which point it is 
taking that abnormal time long.

Notice that I've committed some updates to the preparation scripts 
recently so it would be a good idea to update your working copy and try 
again. For doing this run the following command:

svn update ${HOME}/artwork/trunk/Scripts/Bash

> Is there an easier way of
> providing translations? If there are a set of words / phrases that
> need to be translated, can you just collect them and use?

Yes, that's exactly what the script does for me and for all the 
translators. Please, don't give up yet, it is too soon :). Let's give it 
another try to find out why the `centos-art.sh' script isn't working for 

Best regards,
Alain Reguera Delgado <alain.reguera at gmail.com>