[CentOS-docs] A Question of Style

Wed Dec 24 02:48:41 UTC 2014
Brian Stinson <bstinson at ksu.edu>

On Dec 23 17:05, PatrickD Garvey wrote:
> Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. I'm glad you appear to
> understand this was not directed at you personally.

Certainly no offense was taken here. I'm thankful for people like you
who are looking out for understandability.

> I'm a retired System Administrator. Part of my job was being a professional
> paranoid about user credentials. At most of the companies where I worked,
> loss or sharing  of the company phone book was a firing offense. I imagine
> that is the source of our difference of opinion.

With my documentation writer hat on, I can say that I wrote my page that
way out of convenience (rather hastily I might add :) and in the absence
of official style guidelines it was easiest to copy directly from the
screen. Perhaps we can adopt some of the guidelines suggested downthread
by Karsten that will make things more clear. In the meantime I'll work
on generalizing the centpkg page.