[CentOS-docs] A Question of Style

Wed Dec 24 03:05:49 UTC 2014
PatrickD Garvey <patrickdgarveyt at gmail.com>

On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 6:48 PM, Brian Stinson <bstinson at ksu.edu> wrote:

> On Dec 23 17:05, PatrickD Garvey wrote:
> > Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. I'm glad you appear to
> > understand this was not directed at you personally.
> Certainly no offense was taken here. I'm thankful for people like you
> who are looking out for understandability.
> >
> > I'm a retired System Administrator. Part of my job was being a
> professional
> > paranoid about user credentials. At most of the companies where I worked,
> > loss or sharing  of the company phone book was a firing offense. I
> imagine
> > that is the source of our difference of opinion.
> With my documentation writer hat on, I can say that I wrote my page that
> way out of convenience (rather hastily I might add :) and in the absence
> of official style guidelines it was easiest to copy directly from the
> screen. Perhaps we can adopt some of the guidelines suggested downthread
> by Karsten that will make things more clear. In the meantime I'll work
> on generalizing the centpkg page.
> --Brian

Excellent! Thank you.

One page at a time is as fast as we can work.
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