[CentOS-docs] CentOS-docs Digest, Vol 92, Issue 8

Wed Jul 30 04:05:32 UTC 2014
666threesixes666 <666threesixes666 at gmail.com>


I don't think a real name is exactly going to define the users merit.  
I've seen plenty of people be a major POS in real life under their own 
name.  Exactly what i'm getting at the document's don't mean anything, 
the name means nothing.  It's just inviting lunatics to my house.  Im 
paul noecker 1 of 5 in the usa, 1 of 2 in michigan, soon to be 1 of 1 in 
oregon.  Im not john smith 20,579.  It's a wiki, you can revert the 
commits, and track the users actions.  I've been waiting 2 months for 
access to post a hello world.  I've historically behaved under this 
alias under other wiki systems, and posted concise relevant 
information.  I work to be as accurate as I can be, and use the system 
for repeatability, & to document procedures.  --threesixes
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