[CentOS-docs] GSoC - Syncing docs between GitHub and CentOS's git repo

Tue Apr 7 11:48:57 UTC 2015
杨 垒 <yltt1234512 at gmail.com>


I am applying for Google Summer of Code 2015 with a project creating a new doc toolchain for CentOS.

I plan to use GitHub to store a copy of the documentation, and users can send fork / send PR to this repo. Then a server program monitors this repo and syncs changes between GitHub and CentOS’s own git repo. So the key is to automatically sync repo between GitHub and CentOS. 

I think there are three steps to do a successful sync.

First, the change on GitHub triggers the syncing process. I browsed the GitHub API reference and found that there is an API to retrieve a repo’s info, including its update time. Can we use this info to trigger the syncing process? Or are there any better ways to monitor the status of a GitHub repo?

Second, the program gets the commits from GitHub, and merges them into CentOS’s git repo.

Third, a notification / update info is sent or displayed.

That’s my plan on this auto-sync program. I am glad to get all kinds of advice and comments.


Lei Yang