[CentOS-docs] Regarding Static website generator [GSOC Docs-toolchain]

Tue Jul 28 06:57:56 UTC 2015
Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou at pingoured.fr>

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 11:30:01AM +0530, kunaal jain wrote:
>    Hi, I just wanted to mail community first and get the discussion started,
>    but I should have written details first.
>    The main aim behind this project is to facilitate contributors, so the
>    site generator should be such that, it doesn't complicate the workflow.
>    Another constraint is that the site generator should require minimal human
>    effort, as we plan to build the site continuously through CI, so the new
>    content should automatically be indexed, added to navigation panels,
>    content directory etc.
>    Coming to existing site generators, we looked at Jekyll, Hugo and Mkdocs.
>    Hugo - very flexible, great tool but complicated. User needs hugo
>    installed to contribute. Docker uses this, switching from mkdocs.
>    Mkdocs - Not very flexible, but very friendly. User needs to create doc in
>    mardown, add the link in another file and done!
>    Jekyll -- very blog specific, which we don't require.
>    What do you think about it?

There is also Nikola for static content generator, relies on the rest syntax and
can be themed.