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Karsten Wade

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On 03/16/2015 04:05 PM, Pete Travis wrote:
> We've been having a very similar conversation in the Fedora Docs 
> group.   I have a crude plan for the tooling part, to extend
> buildbot to address this; the idea is that you feed it git repos
> containing documentation in whatever supported format, some
> metadata is extracted, the content is built to html, then a
> navigation portal is built using the extracted metadata.  Bonus,
> continuous integration of translations from Zanata or Transifex can
> be built in too.  Changes are triggered by commit polling, the
> operating theory is that you'll have some branches of a repo
> designated for production/publishing, one might be the 'official
> prelease drafts', the rest just get validation.
> Right now, this is just an ansible playground living at 
> https://github.com/immanetize/anerist/tree/ansible but I intent to 
> cludge together python modules to extend the buildbot BuildFactory
> class so it's a proper redistributable thing instead of a massive
> master.cfg .   If it sounds interesting to you, I'm sure the effort
> could benefit from the involvement of people with more expertise.

Not surprising that we're approaching similar solutions from different
directions, as my community docs DNA and experience is rooted in the
Fedora Project. (Or you could say I'm partially to blame for how
things got the way they are in Fedora, and want to save such mistakes
on the CentOS Docs side. :) )

Let's definitely see if we can craft solution vectors that approach a
common point. I like your CI approach overall, it layers nicely on top
of what I proposed. (I also didn't address translations other than in
style, but I think CentOS Project will quickly want to get there.)


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