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Mon Oct 5 06:04:06 UTC 2015
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

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On 04/10/15 18:49, Ilyas Arinov wrote:
> Sorry about second post about that, but we need language sensitive
> menu links on wiki.centos.org <http://wiki.centos.org>. For
> example, if users pick any language and wants to see HowTo section,
> they need open "Learn" section and find there "HowTo" section, or
> add language code into every link from menu bar. We should solve
> this. Can someone help?

Well, it seems you  just voluteered ;-)

Actually the top bar (called 'navi_bar' in moin) is "static" and
defined in the wikiconfig.py file. So I don't think that actually it
can support multiple languages dynamically. If someone can have a
deeper look at moin and how it can (or not) be done, I guess we're all
for it.

IIRC someone mentioned in the past another "workaround" : removing all
items from navi_bar (like FrontPage, Help, etc ..) and have those
replaced with languages that are are already present (and maintained)
for the whole wiki, so leading users directly to something like
wiki.centos.org/$lang and then forget about navi_bar, and only relying
on menu presented on the $lang page itself. That "issue" itself has to
be considered, but also the fact that the navi_bar can't be extended
to infinity either (moin suggests no more than 6 items in that
navi_bar, for readability purposes)

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