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Mon Oct 5 06:16:28 UTC 2015
Ilyas Arinov <arinov.ilyas at gmail.com>

IF there will be any updates or migration to improve language-dependent
contents, I will do my best to help you.

2015-10-05 12:04 GMT+06:00 Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>:

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> On 04/10/15 18:49, Ilyas Arinov wrote:
> > Sorry about second post about that, but we need language sensitive
> > menu links on wiki.centos.org <http://wiki.centos.org>. For
> > example, if users pick any language and wants to see HowTo section,
> > they need open "Learn" section and find there "HowTo" section, or
> > add language code into every link from menu bar. We should solve
> > this. Can someone help?
> Well, it seems you  just voluteered ;-)
> Actually the top bar (called 'navi_bar' in moin) is "static" and
> defined in the wikiconfig.py file. So I don't think that actually it
> can support multiple languages dynamically. If someone can have a
> deeper look at moin and how it can (or not) be done, I guess we're all
> for it.
> IIRC someone mentioned in the past another "workaround" : removing all
> items from navi_bar (like FrontPage, Help, etc ..) and have those
> replaced with languages that are are already present (and maintained)
> for the whole wiki, so leading users directly to something like
> wiki.centos.org/$lang and then forget about navi_bar, and only relying
> on menu presented on the $lang page itself. That "issue" itself has to
> be considered, but also the fact that the navi_bar can't be extended
> to infinity either (moin suggests no more than 6 items in that
> navi_bar, for readability purposes)
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