[CentOS-docs] Wiki account, WebsiteVer2 and site docs

Tue May 24 09:21:26 UTC 2016
Oliver Leaver-Smith <oliver at leaversmith.com>

On 2016-05-24 02:22, Jim Perrin wrote:

> Right now the website is driven via nanoc

I'm familiar with nanoc, my current site is just a single static page 
generated in nanoc while I redesign properly.

> Can you provide some basics for your background in development and
> preferred tooling so that we can work out some common ground?

Sure. I started web development about 15 years ago but have never done 
it as a career. I make sure to keep up to date with the latest trends, 
even if I don't tend to use them *cough* Jekyll, as well as industry 
best practices. I use nanoc for my personal site, but obviously am 
comfortable just editing just the raw code as necessary.

I'm comfortable with git as version control

Oliver Leaver-Smith