[CentOS-docs] Wiki account, WebsiteVer2 and site docs

Tue May 24 01:22:31 UTC 2016
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

On 05/23/2016 03:42 PM, Oliver Leaver-Smith wrote:

> Hi Jim
> More than happy to help out with this. I have taken a look at the open
> tickets on bugs.centos.org to see what sort of things need doing

There aren't many open tickets there, as the website hasn't had that
much focus.

> I have checked the wiki but can't find the following, apologies if I
> have missed it:
> 1. Is there a mailinglist for website, or is handled by centos-docs?

There isn't a specific mailing list for the website, no. I'm fine
handling it here, unless others disagree.

> 2. What is the preferred method for submitting website changes/patches?

As of right now it's been git, but it's not been public for a variety of
reasons. I'm hoping that we can open this up a bit more and make it
completely open.

Right now the website is driven via nanoc (ruby static site generator),
and a bootstrap 3.x based theme; however there are some issues with the
layout and coding that could certainly be addressed.

Can you provide some basics for your background in development and
preferred tooling so that we can work out some common ground?

Jim Perrin
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