[CentOS-docs] Markus McLaughlin Intro

Fri Jul 7 14:32:31 UTC 2017
Markus McLaughlin <linuxglobe at gmail.com>

My name is Markus McLaughlin, I am coming on board the CentOS EDUcation 
SIG Project.  I want to bring my resourcefulness and talents to this 
very ambitious project.  Debian has already made available its own EDU
distribution.  It's time for CentOS to "step up," and offer its own 
service.  Windows and MACs have dominated
the education market far too long.  It's time to bring free and open 
source software to those schools and
students who can't afford to use either of their systems.

I think there should be two forms of the CentOS EDU distribution: 1. 4GB 
"Core" with the bare essentials, including offline Wikipedia access, and 
a library of free e-textbooks for those who don't have broadband 
internet access.
2. 8GB "Everything" with additional software like Audacity, GIMP, 
Blender, Scribus, Inkscape, etc.  CentOS EDU
should provide a configuration menu of all the different interfaces, 
GNOME, KDE, etc., based on the Anaconda
installer.  It should also provide Windows compatibility so MS Office 
can be used instead of LibreOffice.

Another option that Debian EDU probably does not have is, why not have 
CentOS EDU be compatible with the
Linux layer of Windows 10?  The CORE could be accessed inside Windows 10 
so it would be a "win win."

I would like to see CentOS EDU paired with the Raspberry Pi Foundation 
as well, presenting it to those who can't afford a full PC.  The Pi 
would make an inexpensive means to support poor students.  For $100.00, 
a Pi with CentOS EDU 32gb microsd card included, would open up a whole 
new world!

Please consider my ideas!  :D

Markus McLaughlin