[CentOS-docs] Markus McLaughlin Intro

Fri Jul 7 16:24:30 UTC 2017
Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at centos.org>

Hi Markus,

Welcome onbard - is you wiki user MarkusMcLaughlin ?

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On 07/07/17 15:32, Markus McLaughlin wrote:
> My name is Markus McLaughlin, I am coming on board the CentOS EDUcation
> SIG Project.  I want to bring my resourcefulness and talents to this
> very ambitious project.  Debian has already made available its own EDU
> distribution.  It's time for CentOS to "step up," and offer its own
> service.  Windows and MACs have dominated
> the education market far too long.  It's time to bring free and open
> source software to those schools and
> students who can't afford to use either of their systems.
> I think there should be two forms of the CentOS EDU distribution: 1. 4GB
> "Core" with the bare essentials, including offline Wikipedia access, and
> a library of free e-textbooks for those who don't have broadband
> internet access.
> 2. 8GB "Everything" with additional software like Audacity, GIMP,
> Blender, Scribus, Inkscape, etc.  CentOS EDU
> should provide a configuration menu of all the different interfaces,
> GNOME, KDE, etc., based on the Anaconda
> installer.  It should also provide Windows compatibility so MS Office
> can be used instead of LibreOffice.
> Another option that Debian EDU probably does not have is, why not have
> CentOS EDU be compatible with the
> Linux layer of Windows 10?  The CORE could be accessed inside Windows 10
> so it would be a "win win."
> I would like to see CentOS EDU paired with the Raspberry Pi Foundation
> as well, presenting it to those who can't afford a full PC.  The Pi
> would make an inexpensive means to support poor students.  For $100.00,
> a Pi with CentOS EDU 32gb microsd card included, would open up a whole
> new world!
> Please consider my ideas!  :D
> Regards,
> Markus McLaughlin
> marknetproductions.com