[CentOS-docs] Fedora 26 and The Impact On CentOS EDU

Mon Jul 10 15:37:35 UTC 2017
Markus McLaughlin <linuxglobe at gmail.com>

Hello Everyone, Fedora 26 will be available tomorrow.  What features 
from it can be used in CentOS EDU?

I dabble with Fedora, it offers the very latest technology, and inspires 
other distributions to follow them
including CentOS.

I want to know how CentOS EDU can incorporate parts of F26 to make it 
more robust?

Is it my understanding that RHEL/CentOS 8 will be based on Fedora 27/28?

Now that the CentOS EDU Wiki Page is posted, will there be a wallpaper 
submission link so anyone can post a background created in GIMP that 
shows off colleges, schools, universities, or chalkboards, or textbooks?

Happy Fedora Day!  :D

Markus McLaughlin