[CentOS-mirror] CentOS 3 Mirror RPMs corrupted - Pacific.net.au

Nick Bryant nick at everywhereinternet.com
Mon Jul 4 01:14:56 UTC 2005


Recently tried to update some servers from 3.4 to 3.5 using
http://mirror.pacific.net.au/linux/CentOS/3.5/ and a couple of the packages
failed the GPG key checks, cups-1.1.17-13.3.27 for example:

[root at lemonhead spork]# rpm -K cups-1.1.17-13.3.27.i386.rpm
cups-1.1.17-13.3.27.i386.rpm: (sha1) dsa sha1 MD5 GPG NOT OK

Not sure if they didn't copy across properly on the last sync but I just
thought someone should know :o)



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