[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS mirror

Brian Boyle centos-mirror-list at heanet.ie
Fri Jul 8 15:44:12 UTC 2005

Hi All,

HEAnet are now mirroring CentOS. It is available via both IPv4 and
IPv6 from:


The mirror is synced 4 times per day. It is hosted in Dublin, Ireland,
with a 1 Gbps connection to our backbone (which is in turn connected to
the rest of the net with many 2.5 Gbps circuits). There is no bandwidth
cap in place, though in exceptional circumstances we reserve the right
to shape traffic if it adversely affects our clients. Our best point of
contact is mirrors at heanet.ie.

You can see the general status (click on the bandwidth meter for
detailed MRTG graphs) of our mirror at:


and the results of the most recent CentOS rsync at:


HEAnet is Ireland National Research and Education network provider. Full
details available at:


Best regards,
Brian Boyle				Phone:	+353-1-660-9040
Managed Network Services		Fax:	+353-1-660-3666
HEAnet Limited				Email:	brian.boyle at heanet.ie

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