[CentOS-mirror] CentOS-4 to the mirrors

Mihai Maties mihai at xcyb.org
Wed Aug 30 11:36:07 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 14:00, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> CentOS-4 is syncing to the mirrors, but it seems that there are a lot of
> out of date mirrors.
> Can everyone check that their mirror is properly syncing?
> You can check the status of your mirror here:
> http://mirror-status.centos.org/

Please split the URL for centos.mirrors.lug.ro/centos/ into:


... since now we have 2 separate servers hosted by 2 different ISPs. The old 
address (centos.mirrors.lug.ro) is resolved in a round robin fashion to the 
two addresses mentioned above.

Thank you,

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