[CentOS-mirror] dvd iso sync arrangements

Wed Jun 14 11:03:18 UTC 2006
Alexander Ryumshin <mizi at trumo.net>

Hello Lance,

Could you be so kind and allow access to ftp.tlk-l.net
And we have always been providing rsync access.
Meanwhile, I am getting the dvd isos from kernel.org.

Monday, May 15, 2006, 3:42:09 PM, you wrote:

LD> Due to unknowns trying to download dvd.iso images from our msync-dvd 
LD> servers we have now had to restrict the rsync target to those mirrors that
LD> we know are syncing.

LD> We want to restrict it further to those that are providing master sync
LD> service for other mirrors, this will allow us to plan for future releases
LD> to be able to preset the dvd isos onto those master mirrors before release
LD> and dedicate bandwidth for that.

LD> The current mirrors that are allowed to sync by the config are :-

LD>         #pacific.net.au
LD>         #kernel.org   
LD>         #upce.cz      
LD>         #mirrorservice.org
LD>         #esslingen.de 
LD>         #ncnu.edu.tw  
LD>         #vutbr.cz     
LD>         #ftp.chg.ru   

LD> Of those only 4 - kernel.org, mirrorservice.org, esslingen.de and chg.ru
LD> have told us that they allow rsync, which has to be a prerequisite for
LD> being a master sync mirror.

LD> If any of those are not happy to be listed as a master sync mirror for the
LD> dvd isos , or have limits on bandwidth or resources that may be affected
LD> then please advise us. 

LD> We would be grateful if the others would change their config to sync the
LD> dvd iso images from one of those, which will probably provide faster 
LD> download than our servers anyway.

LD> We will start to list all mirrors that carry dvd iso images on the website
LD>  and will shortly redirect browsing on mirror.centos.org to those 
LD> local mirrors that have the dvd isos and are up to date, as we do for cd
LD> isos. The main difference is that we will only check currency of mirrors
LD> that are flagged in the database as carrying dvds.

LD> We do still need more master sync mirrors but you will not be able to sync
LD> the target without first notifying us (or do initial sync against one of
LD> the sync masters and then request access - as we would prefer sync 
LD> masters to eventually sync directly from our servers).

LD> In particular csmb.edu has said that they will be a master sync mirror but
LD> does not appear to be syncing the incdvd target.

LD> Regards
LD> Lance 

Best regards,
 Alexander                            mailto:mizi at trumo.net