[CentOS-mirror] French CentOS mirror

Sat Jun 24 12:30:14 UTC 2006
PnyMail Admin - Mathieu Ponchy <mat at pnymail.com>


I am curently doing a public CentOS mirror. I am waiting my .fr domain. The mirror will be accessible only by FTP. i am curently doing the first synchronization, the server had 100mb of bandwith, but only 80mb for the mirror, 20mb are reserved for private web site.

I will do a cron job four time day, at midnight, at 6:00 am at 12:00am and 6:00pm (At GMT Paris - France)

All is good ? there is no mistakes ? if you have advices don't hesitate to contact me.

Le mirror path will be : ftp://ftp.domain.fr/pub/mirrors/CentOS/

Now, i am waiting the validation by AFNIC for the french domain :)

Have a nice day,

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