[CentOS-mirror] Building mirror- how much space?

Ryan Flowers support at rykoala.org
Tue Oct 10 20:30:08 UTC 2006

How much will I need *with* that?


Ryan Flowers
Systems Administrator

William Dunn wrote:
> raven CentOS # du -hs
> 84G     .
> that's current, in my CentOS directory.  However, keep in mind that 
> figure is fluid, and with subsequent releases, you'll end up at times 
> having more than that (while things are shuffled off to the vault).
> That's also without distributing DVD-iso's.
> ~Will
> Ryan Flowers wrote:
>> I am building a full mirror using rsync as shown on the centos.org 
>> website. How much hard drive space should this consume? I need to know 
>> how much hard drive space to allocate for it. Thank you!
>> Ryan Flowers
>> Systems Administrator
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