[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror: Harvey Mudd College (Department of Mathematics)

Francois Petillon

ftpmaint at proxad.net
Tue Sep 19 08:51:30 UTC 2006

Grigorios G. Papazoglou wrote:
> I was wondering how long it takes for a mirror to be included in the 
> list...It's been nearly 5 days now since I mentioned the launch of ours. 

Three weeks in my case... :-)

> Perhaps the CentOS people who read this list should realize that it is 
> rather inpolite to behave like this to people who actually 'honor' them 
> by spending a considerable amount of their (valuable) time (not to 
> mention server and bandwidth resources) to mirror the project. 

I disagree. Most people working on Centos are probably doing it on their 
spare time. I know it is quite frustrating not to get answers but I 
think it is also frustrating for people taking care of mirrors list to 
be blame while they do not have the time (or even the will, after being 
blamed a few extra-times) to quickly take care of requests.


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