[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror: Harvey Mudd College (Department of Mathematics)

Grigorios G. Papazoglou

grp at med.uoc.gr
Tue Sep 19 10:52:40 UTC 2006

> I disagree. Most people working on Centos are probably doing it on their 
> spare time. I know it is quite frustrating not to get answers but I 
> think it is also frustrating for people taking care of mirrors list to 
> be blame while they do not have the time (or even the will, after being 
> blamed a few extra-times) to quickly take care of requests.
Fair enough :-) However it seens to me that, when undertaking the 
responsibility for such a widely accepted project, better cooperation 
would be expected (I am intentionally using the word 'cooperation' since 
we are not talking about user support here). I find it very hard to 
believe that noone from the team hasn't checked his e-mail or hasn't 
given the list a glimpse in 5 days, and he did not find 1 minute to 
reply. Something like "Re: Your mirror will be added soon" would be 

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