[CentOS-mirror] strange thing.....

Daniele Carbonetti sun75 at danielec.it
Fri Apr 13 15:38:11 UTC 2007

while the archives are syncing, I see some strange things:

- I'm carrying the entire tree including dvd isos, but when I see the
archives from the web (Apache 2.0.46) I can not see the DVD iso images
greater than 2GB. I can only see the Centos 3.7 iso images (1,7GB) but not
the others (centos 4 and 5 >2GB).

- When accessing the archives via ftp/rsync I can see them all...

I think there is something wrong with Apache...but there are not any new
version for CentOS 3.8. I can not update to Centos 4 or 5 because I'm
using an HP Netserver LT6000r with a Megaraid controller, supported only
until kernel 2.4.x

So, have you any hints to solve this in CentOS 3.x?

thank you!


Daniele Carbonetti
Unix System Administrator
Email: sun75 at danielec.it
Website: http://www.danielec.it

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