[CentOS-mirror] strange thing.....

Kasparek Tomas kasparek at fit.vutbr.cz
Fri Apr 13 15:53:07 UTC 2007

On Fri, Apr 13, 2007 at 05:38:11PM +0200, Daniele Carbonetti wrote:
> Hi,
> while the archives are syncing, I see some strange things:
> - I'm carrying the entire tree including dvd isos, but when I see the
> archives from the web (Apache 2.0.46) I can not see the DVD iso images
> greater than 2GB. I can only see the Centos 3.7 iso images (1,7GB) but not
> the others (centos 4 and 5 >2GB).
> - When accessing the archives via ftp/rsync I can see them all...
> I think there is something wrong with Apache...but there are not any new
> version for CentOS 3.8. I can not update to Centos 4 or 5 because I'm
> using an HP Netserver LT6000r with a Megaraid controller, supported only
> until kernel 2.4.x
> So, have you any hints to solve this in CentOS 3.x?

Apache from 3.x and 4.x (don't know the state in 5.x) are limited to
serving files up to 2GB, you need to setup other daemon (I use lighttp) for
serving bigger files (it has another advantage - these big download does
not limit you main web server).



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